Yoshihiro VG-10 Damascus Knife 6PC Set (2 Gyuto, Petty, Sujihiki, Santoku, Nakiri)

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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Forged and hammered with 16 layers of steel in the Damascus tradition with a VG-10 Core, the VG-10 Hammered Damascus Series has been a perennial best seller, combining performance, beauty, and extraordinary value.


Perfect gift! Kitchen knife set !

  • Gyuto 8.25″ (210mm)
  • Gyuto 9.5″(240mm)
  • Petty 5.3″ (135mm)
  • Sujihiki 9.5″(240mm)
  • Santoku 7″(180mm)
  • Nakiri 6.3″(160mm)

Product Description

This complete set is has everything you need. Great for those who want a new collection of Japanese knives and to give as a gift. These knives are sharp and easy to maintain.

The gyuto is a chef knife that is used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. It is versatile in use. This set includes two sizes.

The petty is a small chef knife. Perfect when working with smaller ingredients or delicate foods.

The sujihiki is a slicing knife. It is used to slice boneless fish filets, poultry breasts and roasts. The height of the blade is short, reducing friction when slicing.

The santoku is a multipurpose knife. The blade is shorter and thinner making it perfect for cooking at home or in smaller spaces. It is used to cut meat, fish and vegetables.

The Nakiri is a vegetable chopping knife. The blade is thin, which is required for chopping dense vegetables without breaking them. The blade is also tall which keeps the knuckles well above the cutting board.

Additional information

Knife Size

Santoku: 7" (180mm), Petty: 5.3" (135mm), Nakiri: 6.5" (165mm), Gyuto: 8.25" (210mm), Gyuto: 9.5" (240mm), Sujihiki: 9.5" (240mm)



Knife Style

Gyuto, Petty, Santoku, Nakiri, Sujihiki

Bolster Material

Stainless Steel

Handle Shape


Handle Material


Blade Material


Edge Angle

Double Edged



Saya Cover


Stain Resistant





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