Yoshihiro Suminagashi Blue Steel #1 Kama Usuba Traditional Japanese vegetable Chopping Chef Knife, Ebony Wood Handle

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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Suminagashi translates as floating ink and refers to the beautiful marbled wave like patterns that extend through the blade from the tip to the heel, unveiling a new mosaic with every sharpening. Only the most skilled of artisans can forge together these metals in such complex puzzle piece formations to fashion knives of this caliber with the highest quality, blending aesthetics and performance.


Our handmade Yoshihiro Blue Steel Suminagashi knives are crafted with extraordinary skill by our master artisans. Exemplifying the most intricate techniques of forging, layering, and hammering, Aoko Blue Steel #1 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 64, is forged with iron to create the most elaborate of finishes. Our Yoshihiro Blue Steel #1 Suminagashi knives are complimented with a traditional Japanese style handcrafted Ebony wood handle affixed with a Water Buffalo horn bolster, and a protective wooden sheath called a Saya is included, which protects the knife and adds to its appearance when not in use. One of the most sought after of knives and fast becoming a new essential companion to the popular chefs knife is the traditional Japanese vegetable knife known as the Usuba. The Usuba is reminiscent of a small cleaver and has a sharp tip for more intricate work. This knife is cherished for its ability to chop through root vegetables to thinly slicing delicate tomatoes. From prepping greens for a salad to chopping vegetables for a main dish, the simplest of tasks are elevated with a handcrafted knife that is as beautiful as it is functional.

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Knife Style

Kama Usuba

Bolster Material

Water Buffalo Horn (color varies)

Handle Shape


Handle Material

Ebony wood

Blade Material

High Carbon Blue Steel #1

Edge Angle

Single Edged



Saya Cover

Ebony wood

Stain Resistant



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