Yoshihiro Sabitori & Tsubaki Oil 1.1oz Set

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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This mini set includes both Sabitori (Rust Eraser) & Tsubaki Oil (Knife oil). Perfect size for those who want to try the products!

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Originally used in Japan as a cooking oil and for beauty purposes. Tsubaki Oil (Japanese Tea Seed Oil) is a must have for high carbon steel knives. Apply a few drops after use to prevent rust, corrosion and discoloration. It will also help shine and condition your knives. This one bottle will last you a long time. Only one drop is needed on each side of the blade. The Rust Eraser will help remove rust and stains on your knife. Follow the grain of the knife, gently moving the eraser back and forth. Only erase on rust/stain spots.
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