Yoshihiro Special Forged IGA-HIRO Series VG Stainless Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife with Nuri Saya Cover

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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This Special Forged Yanagi delivers Hongasumi grade high carbon steel sharpness and edge retention with stainless steel durability and ease of care. Exceptionally forged VG Stainless steel blade with HRC 63 combines exceptional sharpness and optimal edge retention with stain resistance. Excellent for entry and intermediate level chefs. Lacquer coated magnolia wooden sheath provides odor and stain resistance with ease of cleaning. Comes ready to use out of the box. 100% handcrafted in Japan. Not mass produced.


  • Hongasumi Yanagi Sashimi knife with Special Forged VG-10 stainless steel blade
  • Single-edged blade
  • Handmade Ebony wood, Octagonal-shaped handle
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Superior sharpness and durability
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Our Special Forged IGA-HIRO Series is commissioned by Forging Master Hiro and Sharpening Master Iga as a special collaboration effort resulting in a VG-10 Knife that is exceptional in quality. The end result of their collaboration, this Special Forged VG-10 Yanagi is truly the best of the best among other VG-10 Yanagis in terms of its fit, finish, and heat treatment.

    The Yoshihiro Hongasumi Special Forged VG-10 Yanagi Sashimi Japanese Knife is designed specifically for sashimi and sushi chefs. With its single-edged blade, this chef’s knife, made of VG-10, thinly slices through the skin and flesh of a fish with ease and without compromising the taste and quality of the structure-unlike other knives which can damage the cell walls and alter the feel and taste. Traditional yanagi knives leave the fish smooth, shiny, and fresh. A hongasumi knife, this knife is a higher-quality kasumi knife-or a knife that was forged by layering softer steel over a hard steel core. The hard steel of the VG-10 allows for a superior sharpness and edge retention while the softer, surrounding steel adds durability.

    Hand crafted in Japan with traditional techniques, the Yoshihiro Hongasumi VG-10 Yanagi Sashimi Japanese Knife has a completely flat ground on front (shinogi), and a concave ground (urasuki) with a flat rim (uraoshi) on the back. As traditional Japanese knives and cutlery value sharpness, the hardness of the VG-10 stainless steel lets these tradesmen create a thin, sharp cutting edge on the blade. With its handmade, Ebony wood, Octagonal-shaped handle, this knife is light and well balanced. This knife comes with double bolster, and a lacquered magnolia wood saya cover, which is easy to clean and resistant to stain and odor.

    On the unique features of Japanese single edged blades: All traditionally made Japanese single edged knives have a unique structure that allows the blade to become razor sharp while at the same time reducing friction as it goes through food. This unique structure makes possible to cut with very minimal damage to the surface and cells, therefor preserving freshness of the ingredient and not spoiling its texture and taste. To learn more click here.


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    Knife Style


    Bolster Material

    Double Rosewood

    Handle Shape


    Handle Material

    Ebony wood

    Blade Material

    VG Stainless Steel

    Edge Angle

    Single Edged



    Saya Cover

    Lacquered Magnolia Wood

    Stain Resistant



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