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Sharpening Seminar at Manhattan Beach Post

Many thanks to Manhattan Beach Post for allowing us the privilege of hosting our Japanese Knife and Sharpening Seminar!
Located in beautiful ocean-side Manhattan Beach, M.B. Post specializes in seasonal farm-to-table American upscale eats.

Knife-Master Bruce went over fundamentals of Japanese Knives and taught them about how to sharpen using our Japanese whetstones.
The importance of sharpening your knife is a crucial skill for any chef and we suggest all of you to check out some of our sharpening videos and blog posts listed below:

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Sharpening Seminar at Viceroy Santa Monica

Yoshihiro Cutlery was honored and privileged to demonstrate Japanese water stone sharpening in the kitchens of Viceroy Santa Monica. The team at Yoshihiro demonstrated different techniques of professional Japanese water stone sharpening along with the history of Japanese knives and proper knife care. In addition, a lively presentation on the history and craftsmanship of Japanese knives, along with an instructional presentation on knife care have been held.

We had a great experience offering an up-close and detailed seminar on the proper technique of sharpening a Japanese blade. Viceroy Santa Monica was a great host and we were honored to help their friendly and talented chefs.

For more information
Executive Chef of Viceroy Santa Monica, Larry Monaco

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Sharpening Seminar at Ink – West Hollywood

At Yoshihiro We continually strive to cultivate a symbiotic relationship with local chefs and restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. Holding a sharpening seminar is one way that we cultivate these lasting relationships. Scenes from our sharpening seminar in Ink – West Hollywood on July 1st, we held a sharpening seminar for the chefs at the distinguished Los Angeles eatery INK in West Hollywood, CA. The seminar was a fantastic opportunity to have an exchange with the chefs and to help develop a better understanding of caring and maintaining their Japanese knives. Topics included the different strengths of Japanese/ German knives, sharpening single edged knives/ double-edged knives, and additional tips on maximizing the performance and longevity of various types of knives. As shown in the pictures, the chefs of INK were all fantastic participants! Our deepest thanks to Chef Michael Voltaggio and Cole Dickinson for the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience of sharpening Japanese knives to their wonderful team. INK Website: https://


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