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Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife
(D-Shape Magnolia Handle)

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Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto (D-Shape Magnolia Handle)
Size: 7" (180mm), 8.25" (210mm), 9.5" (240mm)
Style: Gyuto

The Gyuto is a Japanese chef's knife with a Western style curved blade that smoothly rocks back and forth and has an extended tip for quick chopping that can be used to cut meat, fish, and vegetables. "Gyuto” literally means “beef sword” and was initially used for cutting meat in Japan. The Gyuto is one of the most versatile and essential of all knives a cook can have.

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The most versatile and essential of all knives a cook can have is a Japanese chef's knife known as a Gyuto knife. Preparing delicious meals starts with taking wholesome ingredients and using the best tools such as a high quality chef's knife to make every meal into something special. From dicing, slicing, and chopping fresh produce from a farmer's market to carving a roast chicken straight from the oven, even the simplest tasks are elevated with a handcrafted knife that is as beautiful as it is functional. Our Nickel VG-10 Gold Hammered Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife is forged with a Western style curved blade that smoothly rocks back and forth with an extended tip for quick chopping. Forged and hammered with 46 layers of steel in the Damascus tradition with a Nickel VG-10 Gold Core, this knife is complimented with a traditional Japanese style handcrafted natural Magnolia handle affixed with a Water Buffalo horn bloster. A protective wooden sheath called a "Saya" is included,  which protects the knife and adds to its appearance when not in use. The hammered texture of the blade eliminates friction and keeps food from sticking to the blade. Every knife from Yoshihiro is handcrafted by master artisans creating a unique one of a kind work of art.

Hammered Damascus
See Description
Gyuto (Chef Knife)
46 layers Nickel VG-10 Gold Hammered Damascus
Natural Magnolia
Double-Edged (50/50)
Water Buffalo Horn (Bolster color varies)
Made in Japan

The Japanese style handle made with magnolia wood is wonderful. i kind of wish that I could change the western handles on all my other knives.

You guys have very reliable and quick service. Great job! Keep it up and you have a loyal customer!

Gorgeous, well balanced, razor sharp edge. Made a good purchase.

How gorgeous the blade is. And its functional in that it actually helps the food from sticking.

It cuts through meat with ease, the blade resists food sticking, the knife is surprisingly light, and it feels great in my hands. Also, it's ambidextrous, which is a must in our household.

After years of swearing by German forged steel, I was nervous about switching to a fine-edged Japanese blade. It didn't take long to get used to the switch and I doubt that I will purchase anything but Yoshihiro from here on out. The price is very reasonable and the knifes are a great value. This knife is 2 ounces lighter than my previous chef knife, which may not sound like a big deal, but any professional who spends hours a day with their knife will tell you what a difference it makes. I love how light and attractive it is and the case that carries it. Just be aware that it is a very thin blade and could be damaged easily. I already bent the tip trying to slice through some very thick cuts of brisket. I should have been more careful but I plan on purchasing at least two more Yoshihiro knifes. Find yourself a ceramic sharpener for honing it between tasks, it will keep the blade sharp for days on end. The only thing I wasn't aware of when I bought it is that the handle is unfinished and you will need to buy some oil to do so with to keep it food safe. It's not really a complaint so much though, I stained and finished it myself and that has just made it that much more personal. One of my co-workers has a usuba knife from these makers that I also really like. I plan on purchasing one myself soon. Great knifes!

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