History of Yoshihiro Ecchu Go Umanosuke Yoshihiro  has been renowned as a one of best sword craftsman  in  Japan since 1550. Since then, knife makers in Sakai have been using Yoshihiro’s technique for the last 500 years.  Yoshihiro knives have been acclaimed as one of the best sushi knives in Japan.During the Sengoku Period, a General, Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified Japan 1590-1598, he stated  the following sword craftsmen were the best.

·Ecchu Go Umanosuke Yoshihiro

·Awata Toushiro Yoshimitsu

·Soshu Goro Nyudo Masmune 


All daimyo (powerful territorial lords) tried to acquire these swords, but Yoshihiro's swords were difficult to find.  People  said,  "Finding Yoshihiro's sword is like finding ghost."

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